All options systems,  systems results, are to be considered “hypothetical” .  We feel by showing the exact entries and exit rules of the system best represents a system or strategy, vs. someone’s rendition of the system which can easily be distorted.  It is not easy to trade a system or strategy but you can get better at doing so over time.  Also all options prices you see for systems results are approximated using a delta that we believe best fits in premium decay along with stock price movement.

Your results will likely vary.  We have students who email us claiming their successes.  We usually don’t hear from those who have failed unless they are asking for trading support.  Understand market price behavior will change and cycle over time.  Systems could perform better or worse.   Price behavior could go ‘dead’ in a stock even or can just cycle back later.  The markets are continually changing so systems performance will likely continually change.  We are not trying to predict the future but we are trying to put ourselves in position for best chance success based on historical probability – and that’ s the best we can do.

Any trading systems or home study courses sold from this site are deemed to be valuable proprietary information. Because of the value of this information there will be no refunds accept where applicable by law. Additionally we will pursue you to the full extent of the law for past, present and future damages (which can be considerable) if you steal, copy, or distribute our information products or services. We aim to make an excellent product and you need to respect that. On the other hand if you feel that there is any way to improve out product please email us from the contact link on this site and we will be more than happy to consider your suggestions to potentially improve our material. But in short, ask your questions and think wisely before you purchase – ask yourself if you are willing to put in the work and change in lifestyle, mindset to make a trading program potentially work for you.  Also if you are struggling contact us we want to help.  If you and we deem that a system or strategy is not going to work for you, after following our instructions to improve and correct, then we will look to replace that system or strategy with another.





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