Fools Gold in Options Trading

Fools Gold in Options Trading

I was doing some research on a search engine today and I stumbled across a forum on trading. So I was reading through this forum see the mindsets of the traders in this forum and I learned a few things. I’ve also been checking out forums over the past couple months here and there to see what people are talking about I’m thinking.


What I realized is that most folks and forums are searching for answers for answers to questions, yes, but they were also searching for emotional reassurance. Now the issue is that emotional reassurance may be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the emotion that one wants reassured! If one has a “loser mentality” then they’re looking for someone else to reassure them of this. On the other hand one as hoping believes that they can win on a consistent basis and when big overtime in trading then they look for people to reaffirm their believes that this is possible. So you have the winners and you have the loser’s.


And there are others who are in the trading forum to share their wisdom because they get a sense of satisfaction of demonstrating their knowledge. That is great, in a certain way, if others can benefit from their knowledge, If it has value. Sometimes people who know what they’re talking about add very good value. And then sometimes people who do not know what you’re talking about seemingly add value but they can leave the unknowledgeable astray.


On the other hand you have other negative types who either try to justify their failures, justify their bitterness from their own mistakes for mistakes caused by others to try to look for the negative and sometimes invent the negative if they can’t find any. These folks can craftily ruin someone’s potential future success in trading through their negative comments and overall disbelief in anything good or successful. Again one needs to understand these folks aren’t necessarily bad people they’re just bitter do a bad circumstance that happened to them or that they caused due to their negligence.


Options trading fools goldThen there are those who have bought into the concept that “everything should be free” and that there are opportunities out there where people or “loopholes” in the system are giving away free money. I liken these folks to children who have never grown-up. They probably had generous parents who took care of them at every whim and turn. They think the markets are there to give them free money when they have an emotional temper tantrum. In a way it reminds me of a socialist, communist type of mindset where  if someone does a little something resembling work they should just get paid plenty of money (vs. actually getting something done of value). Anyways, this mindset is also related to the “biz opp crazed mindset” where people get caught up in the notion of “free money” and “big money fast” without having to work or strain much or at all. It’s a terrible disease.


Continuing on about these types of folks… it’s unfortunate to see. I think we see a lot of that mentality of these days, particularly in the USA due to all of the crazy “direct response” style scammy marketing and media that have given people totally false impressions about how the trading markets work.  Of maybe it’s our legal system that makes everyone feel “entitled” to their every whim. Whatever the cause, these folks are being sold a “bill of goods” and this way of thinking is hurting them.    So we feel that it is our job in part to help these folks and  re-educate them to the truth of how the trading marketplace actually works.


Options trading won’t make you money on it’s own. Option strategies won’t make you money on it’s own. Investing won’t make you money on it’s own. Stock trading won’t make you money on it’s own. I see people talking as if these instruments or styles of investing or training will make you money on it’s own. I don’t know where they got this idea that “Options trading” making money on it’s own or in other words “if you simply trade options you will make money”.   Think about it– Does that even make sense?? But many people think like that.


The only way to make money consistently over time options trading, stock trading, stock investing, option strategies… potentially, and nothing a “sure thing” ever, is to have an exact trading system that has a set of rules, that you execute overtime. A trading system is usually priced based meaning based off of price charts but it can be based off of other factors such as time, valuation and other hard numbers. Those who trade by emotions and buy feel with no exact plan of entry and exit will have no chance of a long run to succeed in trading the markets.


And one last thing. The trading markets are not there to hand out free money. The markets are there to take your money and never forget that. The markets are very brutal for those two do not know how the markets work. That said for those without mastered the markets, the marketplace is very generous (unwittingly so) and we believe we can teach you how to get to this mastery.


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