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What’s a trading system exactly?

A trading system is a set of rules that revised entry and exit in profit-taking avengers. A trading system executes one strategy over and over and over again without trying to pick or choose, guessing what trade maybe better than others.

A trading system can also be considered a business operations manual to a business.

Buy a franchise they give you a business operations manual which is the system for the business. If you are a franchisee you are to obey all of the rules. I’m in inspect you in grade you on all of the rules. And the business operation manual tells a franchisee exactly how to duplicate the secret formula for Success that other stores have shown to have overtime.

A trading system is your ” business operations manual” for your Trading Company. No longer do you want to think about trading as some sort of gimmick or game. Not many make money in trading with this lack of respect. But when you treat trading as a very serious business you have the best business model in the world.

Trading systems can produce a lot of profit that can be compound overtime. May we suggest you go study about the Turtle Traders. We bought the system when it was first released as was taught in-depth by Russell Sands many years ago. They were very interesting insights in the approach of the Turtle Traders. What was most impressive is that they certainly did have their logic and math down pat in that system allowed them to make hundreds of millions of dollars over time. Also the founder whose name is Richard Dennis use that system to turn $400 into $200,000. Their system really was not anything very impressive and was kind of “cave man” in approach plus  it only won 40% of the time. But it had an overall solid approach and when combined with good money management position sizing and a leverage instruments such as futures, it was able to net a lot of profit. That said we say this as an example and that system has gone out of style. In our opinion we have training systems that are far superior. But the question is who’s going to treat the system serious enough and refund their money management position sizing math to allow the system to Blossom.

Now we can’t promise you future returns as you know. But a solid trading system can put you in a high probability position for solid success that can be compounded over time if it is based on fundamentals of price action. Fundamentals of price action are based on human expression, behavioral tendencies, that just keep showing up on the price charts now over a century.

Additionally, some stocks will perform better then others. You will want to choose the best stock you can find with the best options pricing, that has the options pricing can deliver very good percent returns based on the underlying movement in the stock with options that are not ” overpriced” and stuffed up with big bid-ask spreads…

There are many many ways to make money in options. You need to find one way to get started. Then you can find other systems to test out after you get one system running. When you find other trading systems that can perform solidly for you then you can form  new trading companies. And by trading, trading systems that take only a few minutes at night to trade due to the use of contingent orders then you can trade for multiple trading companies of your own.

Here are our options systems:

options swing trading 09-TITAN-Z3 gap trading strategy trade from home
 POLARIS11 – Hybrid Swing-Trend options trading system. Very powerful, consistent performer for many years. TITAN Z3 TITANZ3 Power Swing Trading System Offers you a ridiculously powerful way to trade the markets on a consistent basis – the system we probably shouldn’t even be selling… GPZ7 Rule the Gap! Employ a long time solid options trading strategy combined with some special tweaks that produce a tremendously solid system that can be employed in a powerful way across a variety of stock options. APOLLO3.14 Hefty profit point collection possibility system providing potential steady streams of winning trades with dual mechanism price action system.


MERCURY1.7 High momentum options swing trading system swing trade options option trading strategy options strategy
 MERCURY1.7 High momentum options swing trading system. System keeps on chugging and has stood the test of time…  EBANFLOW4 Have a way of trading that make you feel like you’re on the right side of markets.  T15 – Options Home Run Strategy  TNT-III This is a system that has evolved over 13 years and is in it’s eighth version. This means we have found new and profitable discoveries …


 01-DEVISTATOR  index options trading system
 DEVISTATOR – Mega Options Trend Reversal Trading System with extremely high accuracy, test results past 90% winning in addition to an ability to accumulate a large amount of points.  WIP8 – Index Options Rapid Response Swing Trading System


Weekly Options Systems

 day trade options  options micro swing trading  day trade vanilla options  fast options trading
DELTASNIPE Micro Swing Trading System for Weekly Options DAGGER6 Micro Swing Trading System for fast action cash with weekly options BARNUN Imagine having a super clear and simple way to potentially net out options points with those awesome high Delta low cost weekly options on with a near set and forget style of trading… STINGER -Quick Pop Swing Trading System Presents an Options Trading System that Gives You Trade Setups for Quick One to Three Day Price Grabs


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Available Options Trading Systems

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Powerful chart pattern trading system.  Great for consistency and durability.
gap trading strategy Great systems for capturing price explosions.  We take the meaning of gap trading to a whole new level.
fast options trading Quick pop options swing trading system.  Trades day bars.  Focus is to ride weekly options quickly and get out.
day trade vanilla options Vanilla options day trading system designed to take advantage of repeated momentum scenarios in a  special way.   Focus is on simplicity allowing intraday trends to potentially net us out a profit.
options micro swing trading  Very powerful fast action Micro swing trading system for trading short-term  weekly options
options swing trading POLARIS11 is an options trend following system.  It’s a more active trend following system mixing in some swings along with trends.  See for yourself the results of this system.  This system is best run by simply doing the trades and letting POLARIS11 do its thing.
appollo  APOLLO3.14 – another limited edition mega cash flow options trading system.
option trading strategy One of the best trading systems ever.   You’ll realize after you have this system that it is very foolish to miss a T15 Trade!  Home run explosion options trading system.  You can run as a system or strategy.
options strategy Corner the options market by cornering price action in a stock.  Many years of evolution with this system. Another must have.  Limited availability.
index options trading system DEVISTATOR Backbone tweaked for Index Options.  Incredible win rates.  Once you understand this system you’ll kick yourself if you ever miss one of these trades again!
day trade options No messing around, going for the jugular vanilla options day trading system.
swing trade options  Easy going options swing trading system.  This may be just the thing for a lot of you out there who need to feel good about your trading system.
for_jupiterim_scene Ultra powerful options trading system with high percentage winning rate designed to DOMINATE.   Limited availability
 MERCURY1.7 High momentum options swing trading system Instant Solution for High Probability and High Accuracy Options Swing Trading – a Long Time Proven Winner
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