Alien Options Trading Systems

These are mind blowing very creative options trading systems and strategies concepts. They will be very advanced and usually more expensive.   But if you’re looking for something more unique and amazing then you’ll love these systems.

We will be adding more systems overtime.  Some will be for sale.   Some won’t be for sale, but for entertainment purposes.   We often put systems on the market and take them off– Depending on what we use in our trading companies.   But hey, if you have the opportunity take advantage!

Have you ever purchased a franchise?  The marketing pitch is that almost all franchises succeed and make money – well that’s not true at all.  Plus there’re a 24 / 7 worry. You could potentially lose you a fortune due to high start up costs and high ongoing costs.  For example if you’re not making enough sales you will be running in the red continually bleeding money.  Plus you’re bound by contract to keep the place open.  You can lose a lot more money versus your initial very expensive investment.

Let’s contrast a franchise to a good trading system– start up costs are relatively low.  Time involved using contingent orders (Unless you are daytrading) is 5 to 10 minutes a night.   You control your risk.  You can stop trading at any time and no one’s going to force you to trade.  With a good system you are in position to compound cash flow and wealth overtime.  With a good system you can make far more vs. a risky franchise (and don’t let those lying or ignorant people (who say what everyone else is saying without knowing what they are talking about) tell you a franchise is not risky – just do the logic in the math and see what happens when everything is not just perfect…).  Plus the lifestyle you can create for yourself through trading a good trading system overtime is incredible, no so with a 24/7 worry of a franchise!


  • killer options trading system
  • option trading system
  • swing trade options
  • More to come – even more strange…


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