Options Trading ELITE:  Options 102:  Options Strategies and Approaches for Profit

Discover Stock Options Strategies:   How to Use them, How to Not Use Them.

Stock option strategies don’t make money on their own as scam artists writing options books and selling seminars want to make you believe.  You have to combine them with a price chart event in order to consistently make money.  Doing so gives  you a TON of opportunity to make money in options while avoiding flippant emotional based, losing trades.

 Get in the Game!

There are Many Different Options Combination Strategies to Trade Too

You need to pick one.  The best for must is the simple buy call or buy put strategy to replace going long or short on a stock.

We are going to go over each options strategy and I’m going to give you a basic priced based strategy approach for best case opportunity of making money with each:

  • Buy calls

  • Buy puts

    • For Long Calls and Puts lets look at:
    • Day Trading!
    • Micro Swing Trading
    • Swing Trading
    • Power Trend Trading
    • Medium Term Trend Trading
    • Longer Term Trend Trading
    • Big Picture Explosion Setups
  • Sell calls short “Naked Calls”

  • Sell puts short “Naked Puts”

    • We’ll take a fresh new look at selling options naked, a look that won’t freak your broker out!
    • Learn how to use selling options as a BETTER method for building net worth
    • Find out how to take a systematic approach to selling naked options
    • Find out how to take a strategic approach to selling naked options
  • Credit Spreads

  • Debit Spreads

    • There are a lot of good things you can do with spreads
    • Learn how to trade directionally with spreads instead of using straight calls and puts
    • Learn how to mimic selling naked options but with a lot less margin
  • Covered Calls

    • Covered calls can become a great cash cow and a portfolio saver with advanced strategies
    • Learn the tricks that can bring profit and the pitfalls to avoid.
  • Ratio Backspreads

  • Condors

  • Butterflies

  • Strangles

    • Can be a great way to make money when you know how to line up with opportunity on a price chart
    • There are different ways of playing strangles for greater probability
  • Straddles

  • Calendar Spreads

    • Essentially covered calls but with options – cash flow your options
  • And variations of the spreads above in time, strike distance, long or short in addition to our own creative strategies.

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