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“Options 101:  Learn What You Need to Know to Start Making Money Trading While Avoiding Pitfalls”

Learn Options Fast in a Direct and Practical Way


  • How to Deal with Options Premium Decay
  • Know the Best Options to Buy When to Fit the Opportunity At Hand
  • Discover Options Trend Trading, Options Swing Trading, Options Quick Pop Trading, Option Micro Swing Trading,
  • Discover Selling options: How to Collet Options Premium Shrewdly and Have Options Decays Melt Profits into Your Account
  • Find Out How to Treat Options Trading Like a Professional Business:  Convert Your Options Trading into a New Business of Yours (vs. just tinkering)

Learn from Options Trading ELITE experienced options traders and options systems developers how to start trading options the smart way.

Develop winning ways of thinking that can produce potential consistent, compounding profits.  Learn about options and learn the critical information you need to know in order to get started trading options right away!

Welcome to Options Trading ELITE Options Starter Kit.   You’re at a good place for starting out on the right track in options trading.  If you’re looking to do it right in options you’ve come to the right place.  Correct options trading can bring you potential, ever growing fortunes over time.  Incorrect options trading can cause you a lot of unnecessary pain. So let’s learn how to trade correctly.

The Benefits of Options Can Be Tremendous Yet There are Many Pitfalls Awaiting the Newbie Trader

Yes options trading can be wonderful or it can be brutal.  I know because when I first started trading options, when I was younger, I followed some guy’s hyped up “strategies” which were actually no strategies at all but winging it and rolling the dice and lost money fast.  This guy was so good at hyping that even I bought into it back when.  After I regained my senses I realized that I needed to use smart commons sense options strategies in combination with core, fundamental momentum moves off of price charts.  So I developed my first trend, swing trading system for options hybrid and exploded into success.   Ever since then I’ve been developing incredible systems for options trading and haven’t looked back.

There are other pitfalls of which you need to be aware such as:

  • not knowing the mechanics of options trading

  • not understanding how time decay works

  • an erroneous way of thinking out there that options combination strategies such as a “credit spread” will make you money on it’s own.   Options combination strategies on their own will not make you money.  But an option combination strategy combined with a price action based strategy or system can!

  • not finding a system that fits your personality

  • getting emotionally hypnotized and “conned” by the “marketplace” to buy at the top and sell at the bottom producing 99% losing decisions.

  • not knowing which option to buy; not knowing which strike to buy; not knowing the optimal amount of time to buy on a contract

  • not understanding the leverage of options in buying and selling options

  • trading too big:  enemy #1

  • not having a good system or strategy

  • not following your system or strategy

  • plus much more!

You need to learn from us how to avoid these options trading pitfalls.  Use our 30 plus years of experience, trading and systems development expertise to short cut your way onto success.   We’ll not only tell you what the pitfalls are but we’ll tell you exactly HOW to avoid them.  And not only that, we’ll show you how to convert most of these pitfalls into an advantage.

Benefits of Options

  • You can start with a little amount of money and systematically grow it into a large amount of money

  • With a good money management system you can reduce your overall risk exposure while increasing your profit potential at the same time

  • With a good options trading strategy you can anticipate the best moves and strike, entering those big moves at the right time while leveraging price action with options

  • You can sell options premium to build net worth with smart options strategy and system combinations.

  • You can cash flow a small amount of money

  • You can cash flow your current stock holdings with an efficient covered calls system

There are Many Types of Options to Learn About

Yes there are many types of options to trade.  Of course success comes with focus.  But you need to learn and chose the best type option to trade.

There are:

  • Vanilla options, regular stock options

  • Index options

  • ETF Options

  • Binary Options

  • Futures Options

  • Weekly Options


We’ll go through each type so you can view the character and nature of each.

 There are Many Different Options Combination Strategies to Trade Too

You need to pick one.  The best for must is the simple buy call or buy put strategy to replace going long or short on a stock.

  • Buy calls

  • Buy puts

  • Sell calls short “Naked Calls”

  • Sell puts short “Naked Puts”

  • Credit Spreads

  • Debit Spreads

  • Covered Calls

  • Ratio Backspreads

  • Condors

  • Butterflies

  • Strangles

  • Straddles

  • Calendar Spreads

  • And variations of the spreads above in time, strike distance, long or short in addition to our own creative strategies.

Find Out About the Best Types of Options to Trade

We’re trying to introduce the concepts of options here to give an overall view of options trading but we’re also here to give you the practical information you need to start trading right away.   We will review different ways of trading options to help you pick an optimal way to trade for you.  Don’t worry, we’ve got just about every angle in options trading covered.

Learn about day trading options, swing trading options, trend trading options and even the different types of binary options trading. Find out what options combination strategy could work for you.  Build a portfolio of trading approaches to cover cash flow, account growth and net worth building with options.

Line up a plan for yourself. Success with money requires organization and planning.  Winging it with money usually ends up in failure.  Systematic planning while building up net worth and cash producing assets often works.

 Find Out About the Secrets to Money Management Systems and Position Sizing

This is a sneaky aspect that most options traders overlook.  We’ll we’re going to clip the potential very bad future habit of chronically trading too big with options in the bud. Understanding the correct way and mindset of position sizing well.

Correct position sizing and create compounding in options is critical. It’s not to ‘dampen the fun’ but it’s for the maximization of profits.  And as with most things in life, correct compounding first establishes a base of growth and then when the time is right can take off geometrically once “critical mass” is hit.

 Learn the Mechanics and the “How To” of Options Trading from a Pro’s Perspective So You Can Short Cut to Trading without Getting Lost in the Theoretical and Pricing Formulas as Many Actually Do

  • Learn how to figure out time decay and how to deal with it correctly in your trading.

  • Understand options premium and what causes it

  • Find out the concept of trading options with a specific price action purpose

  • Learn ITM – In The Money Options, OTM – Out of The Money Options and ATM – At The Money Options options, their characteristics,

  • Lear about the “Greeks”  Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega, Rho… and how to understand them in a practical, applicable way without getting lost in them

  • Discover how to deal with decaying options premium in your trades dynamically

  • Find out about options premium traps and  how to avoid them

  • Learn about advanced order possibilities and the great “contingent order”

So let’s get this started.  Learn the factors that can help you get started in options.  Start good, winning options trading habits from the start.  Start winning.  Stop losing.  Correct bad habits of the past.  And let’s start winning in options!

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