An Options Advisory is an old school term that refers to a “publication” that offers “investment ideas”, “trading ideas” that really should not be termed as “advice”.  Legally speaking the only people who can give you “advice” are registered investment advisors.

Hence, any “options advisory” you sign up for should be considered as providing you “educational ideas”.  And the trades they may suggest should be considered only as inspirational ideas for you to consider to check out yourself. Past performance truly is not necessarily indicative of future results as the saying goes… It is true the market changes all the time.  You should do your own research and not just follow any trading ideas blindly.

That said an options trading  service  that gives options trading ideas can do better or worse.  That will depend on how the options trading signals are given. If based on a strategy and you’ll have more of the human performance elements necessary. If it’s based on a system then you depend on the systems rules and his ability to perform in real time. Then on top of that, you’re depending on someone to execute the trading system or trading  strategy correctly and not miss entries or exits! So there are several factors that go into you even getting accurate trading signals that will look alike the track record.

Now for an “option signal service” you will given trading ideas. These trading ideas should be considered as such in the same way.  There are two types of option signal services: one for trading strategy ideas and the other for trading system ideas.A strategy trade is a trade for an optimized event. A systems trade is a strategy run over and over without any extra thought on the same instrument.Now you can make the conscious decision to take every trade an option signal service puts out. I need you accept the risk and you except the potential performance of such an option signal service.If it does poorly and too bad. Does great again great. Just keep in mind that you don’t know what’s going to happen therefore you should only use risk capital when following another person’s trading signals or system.  And yes that would even include our option signal services.

So in conclusion we do not run any options advisories. We are not here to tell you what to do. We do run option signal services.  Our services provide trading ideas based on our strategies  our systems. You can subscribe to receive our trading ideas. But understand the trading of those trading ideas, the responsibility and risk is all yours.  We can’t give you advice or tell you what to do.  And if you need financial advice, if you need someone to tell me what to do with your money to go find a registered financial planner, a registered financial advisor.

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