So we all want to get rich quick. Right. That’s sounds like much more fun. I mean life is short time passes quickly. If we get rich slow then we may not be able to enjoy it or do anything good with it… And those are some of the worries.

I mean who doesn’t want the excitement of making a ton of cash fast? Who doesn’t want the euphoria that comes with making money fast?

Well we all wish it was that way but, sorry to bust the bubble, but it’s not.  And that’s okay because there is a way to get rich kind of quick.  Now you can go to your local library or buy books off the Internet about all sorts of different success stories regarding people who made fortunes over history. It’s a good idea to study us. In fact I want you to go pick up a copy of Jack Schweiger’s The Market Wizards and The New Market Wizards. I want you to read the stories of how those super traders finally figured out how to become rich.

I’ll give you a hint: most people start to become very successful when they finally get to the point of understanding that money making, Or making a lot of money, is a methodical process.  This secret key as you may discover, but I’ll give it to you now, is that if you just slow down a little, if you just stop pressing for now, now, now… You’ll start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Making money in trading is very much that way. If you exit the emotional realm, in particular the emotions of urgency and the press to make big money fast you’ll start to see that if you apply a methodical, systematic process to the markets, process based on price action, you can develop a method of trading that can put you in a high probability position for big money over time.  You just need to figure out that system, that strategy, that plan in addition to money management position sizing as well as the rest of the math to make that potentially happen. I say potentially cause you cannot make a guarantee on the future but you can put yourself in a good probability position by doing what has worked well in the past. As they say past results are not necessarily indicative of future results but having a system, I’ll plan based on good historical result is a heckuva lot better than just winging it!

Of course the potential to your lose your shirt is always there. I mean you could blow your system, you could go nuts, you could blow out your position sizing and trade too big, etc. etc. But we need to focus on the goal, the prize in order to obtain it.  So set your mind on what you want and then go about breaking down the steps to get there.

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