So you want to make big money fast. Of course you do who does it. I want to address this issue here and now so I can save MiniView a lot of pain and maybe help you get on the path towards your goals and desires.

Obviously you seen the success stories out there of people making big money fast for a lot of money in the markets. They’re also a lot of disaster stories out there as well so keep that in mind too.

Also just because you want to make big money fast doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It’s an innate desire in all of us humans. Plus it sure does sound my fun!

We just need to understand how things work, how things ebb and flow, how things can move ahead or retract for balance…

I’m here to tell you today that you absolutely can make big money fast. You can devise strategies and ways to make big money fast and options as well. It is possible.

But also we are here today to discuss a bit about the complete picture of making big money fast. In order to make big money fast you have to have a plan and stick to that plan. You can have a strategy, a trading strategy in our case.  You need to have a strategy that encompasses many factors in order to really hone into an optimized event. You may even need to use your own intuition. Now I mean the gut level, soul level intuition not your heart level emotions. Because emotional-based trading or decision-making in general is wrong almost every single time – at least it is in trading.

So with a strategy, focused and a bit of luck you can make big money fast.  The trick about it is being able to make money fast consistently.

And then another consideration is the cost to make big money fast. How much money are you risking in order to make that big money fast? How much time and effort are you risking to make that big money fast after all is said and done with the cost, time and percentage winning, if you do make big money fast will you even net out of profit!

One more thing on this topic for now… The market tends to not like the attitude or the emotional “pressing” of wanting to make big money fast.  If you are in this emotional’s state of wanting to make big money fast you are likely to lose, lose consistently and lose big when trading. Now add that to the leverage power of options and you certainly can get yourself in trouble. Well what I want to differentiate for you today is that it takes strategy planning and non-emotional-based thinking in order to potentially make big money fast.

And over time making big money fast doesn’t mean anything. What counts is your ability to consistently profit, keep that profit and then grow that profit over time otherwise you don’t have anything!  ` there plenty of lottery winners that have the file for bankruptcy later. You don’t want to be that type of person. So from our experience we find that trading a solid trading system over time has been the most profitable way to go. And the biggest money comes by being more like the tortoise versus the hare…



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