What if you could trade options the rest your life and retire wealthy because by becoming a better trader than most professionals.  Well I’ll tell you how that’s possible through a genius new way of trading.

There’s a reason why some succeed in trading and most others fail.


So you haven’t made much money  trading the markets – maybe it’s not your fault at all!

Maybe no one has told you how to be successful in trading. Maybe you’ve received bad trading education which is rampant across the marketplace.  There’s only one way to make money in the markets folks consistently over time – and that is systems trading.

You can trialed tricks and techniques, the strategies in the gimmicks. You can go for the big homeruns and even get lucky. And ultimately the only way it’s going to stand the test of time in your train is that you get systematic.

Being systematic means you submit to the market. That means you take what the market is giving and you don’t try to force the market. You have a set of entry rules, stoploss rules and profit-taking exit rules. You just need to simplify everything you do trading to just those rules. This will take some figuring out and working out. But the effort is not really that much and it is well worth your time.

The problem is most people want to impose their will upon the marketplace. That’s just not going to happen. And those people continually struggle and lose money. That you’re not gonna be like that!

The key is here to have a good system. Well that’s why you’re at this site! We have some very, very, very good options trading systems for you to purchase and implement immediately. Not only will we save you years possibly decades of time of trial and error we actually have some special insight into systems development that can give you a unique, creative edge over the marketplace.

Most “experts” you see on TV trivialize the profession of trading for a living.  They ultimately are not good traders themselves. And most the people you see on TV or trying to get you to sign up for their mutual fund or hedge fund.  Also, you have the news reporters. People listen to news reporters as if their expert traders but they’re not! So don’t depend on then. Of course I’m generalizing here because there are some good traders on financial TV these days but mostly you have to be careful what you put in your head. The slightest of comments can change your beliefs structure about trading for better or for worse.

Ultimately success in trading is about a particular success mindset.

You can have the best trading system but if you don’t have the right mindset you’ll find new ways to screwed up. Why is that? That’s because the emotional pull of the marketplace. If you’ve ever done any trading you’ll know what I’m talking about. We’ll teach you that success mindset. It’s quite a revelation when you finally “get it”.

On the other hand, you have the bungling masses who wanted simply treat trading as if it’s a slot machine at a casino giving the markets no respect.It’s incredible how many ignorant people spout off their opinions on trading the markets when they know nothing of it. trading can be one of the greatest endeavors, opportunities there are on the planet. You just need to treat it with the same seriousness and respect you would with your job, or your own business.

There’s also the other notion of winning versus losing in the markets and if you lose your somehow bad person.

Look, if you want to make a lot of money in the markets you’re going to have to become a good loser!Forget about this whole notion of winning and losing! You need to start thinking about trading as a business – and all businesses have costs! The fullest notion of trying to win all the time the markets will keep you perpetually losing – it’s a con of the marketplace!

Today I present you a solution for trading the stock market with options. I’m offering you a very powerful options trading system That has stood the the test of time called the APOLLO3.14 Options Trading System

  • Learn how to trade professionally, the right way from home
  • Learn how to leverage our incredible price action trading system for tight control over your entries, your stop losses and your profit-taking exits
  • Learn how to reduce your trains under 10 minutes a night
  • Now you’ll start to get a picture of how eventually, potentially you could possibly have a maximum of 50 minute workweek

This system, APOLLO3.14 Options Trading System, the culmination of three decades in the markets.Use our experience, our experience that has been aggressively obtained with massive amounts of trading and testing to your advantage.

How do you know the system will work for you?

Check out the proofs in the systems results below. If you want to trade by trade analysis often to this newsletter right here that will focus upon bringing information regarding this product. Once you Opt into our options trading ELITE newsletter we will send you the detailed track record.


So I have this trading system here which is a homestudy course that has the potential to help turn you into a professional trader by simply following the rules. This is a video course that will teach you the magic, the secrets behind our trading system here.  All you need to do is follow the rules and simply make a “success habit” out of following the rules. And that will take a little practice.

But you can hardly call it “work”. The main “work” you’ll have is fending off the stupid notions that have been out in trading marketing and attitude you see on TV and from failures in the market.  You may have some of your own that habits you need to overcome. But you’ll overcome those by focusing on the positive actions that can bring the results.

I am looking for 10 students only to become successful traders of the system.

If you’re not willing to commit and do the program And frankly, I don’t want to buy the program. We want people who want to be successful because not only will it help people who want to be successful it also makes us look better. And we don’t want people out there making us look bad.

So we’re only going to sell a few of these. And let me say now that I will expect you to report your results to us as you are progressing. But I’m sure you won’t mind because there’s someone who actually cares about you being successful out there!  We insist on your success and expect you to be successful.

So how are you know if that system is going to work? Well I hope you understand by now that  you can’t even think in terms of “guaranteed results” Because that mindset is a prime target by the marketplace that will get you to dive into these emotionally ‘safe’ feeling trading opportunities which are traps to your money.  Those two look for “100% winning” and the “guaranteed, for sure thing” will lose nearly 99% of the time.

Anyways, the best you can do  is put yourself in the position, high probability position to maximize on historical patterns that have been able to send that out profits on a consistent basis. We have been in this game developing trading systems for over 20 years. We know what we’re doing!  We know what actually works. Plus we observe our own systems in real time.

And whenever we’re not trading a system that we’ve developed, or if we have been not paying attention to various trade set us because were distracted we dearly regret it because it’s money, a lot of money left on the table!  If we ignore our own training systems we would just be throwing millions and millions away. So in short, I can’t promise you any results because that’s stupid to do so and it’s not legal. But what I can promise you is a Dang good trading system that will amaze you on how smart it is as you start to study the system your self.

As you can see from the systems results on this page in addition to the detailed track record you downloaded – this system is extremely powerful.  In order to obtain this trading system, simply click the add to cart button below to get started.  It as simple as that.

The question is: what if this system actually worked for you? I mean, just imagine if you could get even one 10th of the systems track record results simply working 15 minutes or under a week.  Every time over the past 10 years I’ve doubted one of these systems here on Options Trading ELITE  I’ve always felt like a fool later. Because the systems just kept on doing what they do as I observe them in real time, making my doubts seem foolish. You want to doubt but eventually you are just going to have to trust a trading system and go for it. That said the money management system we teach you is going to make that a lot easier to do. You’re not gonna feel like you’re risking a ton at all.

As a bonus today, if you purchased the system by midnight? Then we will give you a limited time 33% discount off of one of our other trading systems. Just email us from the contact page on this site to tell us which system you are looking for and will send you a special coupon.

As an additional bonus you receive by purchasing the system by midnight tonight I’ll give you my options 101 course to get You on the right track thinking the right thoughts while flushing out bad thoughts, bad habits, turning you from potential loser to potential winner.

And one more bonus if you order by tonight. I will give you my special course, that may be one of the most amazing the most significant trading  courses you’ll ever take:  “Complete Loser to Complete Winner – How to Crack the Code and Reprogram Your Self for Automatic Trading Success”

Warning! Be careful not to treat this opportunity whimsically.

It’s easy to think a trading system that sounds so good is to get to be true. But after trial and error, hard knocks, working in the Trenches of trading figuring this all out pretty much from scratch I’m here to tell you that Trading the markets can be the greatest job, the greatest business in the world – but only if you treated with a seriousness and a respect.  Simply treat trading as you would treat your job or as your own business and watch the amazing opportunity of trading come to life for you.  Because running a successful training business is one of the most exciting, joyful things you can do for a living there is. And I speak from experience.



We can teach you how to stop struggling, straining, working so hard, stressing yourself out well helping you prevent getting beat up by the marketplace…

Will teach you a new way of trading, a way that is simple if you accept it.

Have you ever tried to trade by feel? By intuition? Why, I bet you’ve been able to pick some winners. But how consistent are you doing that?

Look, it took me a long time to accept systems trading. I felt that I should use my well-developed intuition. And actually my intuition was well-developed from many years of trading and investing from an early age.But as I matured in trading, and started trading more and different styles with more different instruments I simply couldn’t keep up with my intuition.  Now I’m talking about intuition here that took me many many years to develop. If you have been actively working on developing your intuition in the markets you may not have one!

Point is, that I learned a valuable lesson during that time. And that lesson was: that I needed to make things a lot more easy. And the way I could do so was to translate my intuition Into a specific set of rules so I don’t have to strain or think so hard all the time.

Also I simply wanted to win more, when more often and make more money. Before I simply would wait around for optimize potential megatrend scenarios. Now those made a lot of money but didn’t happen very often. And I found myself getting into trouble with that plan in the meantime waiting for some opportunity to pop up. As I found myself fooling around with half brained, spur of the moment type of (usually emotional) trading ideas, losing money, I realize that I really need a specific plan of trading.  I need other opportunities that just riding the big trend.

Do you often find yourself trading in the markets while not really knowing exactly what you doing? Do you know a good trading system? Have you ever learned one well enough so that you felt confident training?  What if you could have a set of rules that have worked consistently over time that could give you a great chance of potential winning into the future?  Where this set of rules would trade in under 10 minutes a night putting you in a position to methodically, potentially, make an absolute fortune combined with a good money management system, over time.

APOLLO3.14  Performance:

Here’s an systems results example of CAT, based on the actual systems rules,  for a year and five month performance:  the results have been incredible – 191 points on the stock in CAT!  Those are a lot of profit points represent a huge return.

You can also see the results on $RUT and GS below – Look at the “Running Totals” for the total results:


swing trade options appolo-swingtradingsystm3


options trading faq


This is an incredible trading system. It would be very wise take advantage of this opportunity to learn such a system and put it to work.   Simply click the add to cart button below to purchase. Contact us if you have any questions.


One Pay:  $2,997





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