Stop What You’re Doing – Everything.  You’ve Found Something that’s Worth Your Full Scale Attention and Aggression…

Firstly before we move forward please look at the track record below. Check out the cumulative results and the winning percentages.

Average Winning%

92.88%  !!

How can that even BE for a real trading system?  These results were based on the 4 Stocks below.  2 Stock’s results were from Jan 2012 to May 2013 and the other two were from Jan 2012 to Nov 2012.  We are trading stock options so we trade the stock, except we use options instead, to be clear.



  • Ridiculous accuracy
  • A certain simplicity that will change the way you look at trading, for the better, forever
  • A way to potentially trade for a good living and replace your job.
  • Trade in as little as 5 minutes a night or in the morning before the market opens.


  • A great system you can use pretty much on any stock with options
  • Power and confidence knowing that you can get on the right side of price action
  • Potential ability to capture large amounts of profit points for the purpose of stacking those methodically overtime into a large trading account.



  • What is this? Software?  This is a ‘home study course’ that is comprised mostly of videos demonstrating, showing you exactly how to trade the system.  Everything is online and you will have instant access to the system.
  • I have a job, can I still trade this system?   Yes.  You simply place your orders anytime after the market’s close – so after work, in the evening or in the morning before you go to work.
  • How much money do I need to get started?  You just need the broker minimum. That said, you’ll want to follow proper money management position sizing for maximum potential gain and long term success that we teach in the course.  Also it’s better to start with a smaller trading account, learn to trade well with that, and then grow that over time.
  • I need cash flow. How do I make money with this system?  Although we can’t promise you future returns, the best way to trade a system is to simple trade the system!  Do not pick and choose, try to optimize in real time – just do all the trades and keep it super simple.  Use money management position sizing to properly compound options and then you’re off to the races.
  • Can I Trade this for a living and have it replace my job?  If the system continues to perform as it has in the past and you continue to perform the system then the possibility of trading for a living instead of having a job is very real.  But understand, to have success in trading, consistent success,  you’ll have to be methodical, systematic in your entries, exits and profit taking in addition to your position sizing.  If you don’t believe us pick up a copy of Jack Schwager’s The Market Wizards and you’ll see.

Here are the numbers on all 4 stocks systems results combined:

Running   Totals 17 Months in Stock Points 293.35
Options   Points Approx: 129.07
Based   off Non Compounded:
10   Contracts Per Trade: $129,074.00
20   Contracts Per Trade: $258,148.00
50   Contracts Per Trade: $645,370.00
100   Contracts Per Trade: $1,290,740.00

DEVISTATOR – Mega Options Trend Trading System Has been an incredible options trading system discovery. After all these years this secret was right under our noses. Finally our eyes were open and a near miracle Options trading system was born.

Imagine being able to capture the peaks and valleys of major price moves. But doing so with extreme accuracy. Not only that,  this trading system puts us in a very tight Risk to reward ratio where our points risk is minimized. When you have a trading system such as this Where cost is minimized, revenues are amplified and operations are crystal-clear then you have a makings of a system that could carry a trading account to potential lofty levels…

Why do we call this options trading system “DEVASTATOR”?  Well first of all this is not ‘devastator’ exactly since we changed the spelling.  But the concept is WE, YOU “Devastate” the markets, as you are in battle with other traders, institutions for profits, Just as you would dominating devastate in a sporting event…The point is, that by the name we are inferring a method that is so overpowering and dominating that you’ll have a very large edge of the rest of the marketplace.

Dominate the Options Market Like You’ve Never Seen Before.    See the Systems Results Below:

options home run system devistatortrack2 devistatortrack3

killer options trading system

One Pay:  $19,997 and worth every penny…


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