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Sometimes it’s just nice to have a system that’s easy to follow…

We are all very distracted these days. It’s hard to focus on just one thing because there’s so many distractions and there’s so many options available today.  But in terms of making money focus is necessary. And in terms of making money in trading focus is certainly necessary. It’s nice to have options trading system that can bring you clarity and simplicity so that you know what to do at all times.

swing trade options


  • Have an exact plan for swing training with options
  • Have clarity of entry next it
  • Stay with extended swings for maximal profit runs


  • Have a way of trading that make you feel like you’re on the right side of markets
  • Get started trading options the right way so you can potentially, consistently profit
  • Create more free time for yourself with the potential residual income
  • Eventually the possibility of moving to full-time trading – work full-time mean gin about 10 minutes tonight – becomes a potential possibility

Speaking of focus, and the market it’s essential that we focus on doing one thing, doing one set of clear rules. Why is that? Because if we are not certain on what to do in real time we’ll likely get emotional. And if we get emotional then we are right for the pickings by the marketplace which will con us into doing all sorts of stupid things that get us to lose our money.

What is clarity in trading? It’s the visual clarity that you get when you look at your particular trading setups and indicators on a price chart. This clarity instantly signals in your brain what to do and how to react in real time. Now fortunately we don’t have to react to quickly because this is an overnight based training system. That means we trade in under 10 minutes a night.

EbanFLOW4 Options Swing Trading System just a beautiful way to swing trade options. In fact many of your swings can evolve into power trends if we like them too.

See these examples below the types of movements we are going to be capturing with this options trading system:

What is in this course? Well first of all it’s a homestudy course with a set of videos instructing you exactly how to trade the system successfully.  We address all parameters of trading assistant successfully from our experience of over 30 years in the markets. The system will also cover money management position sizing, pitfalls to avoid, practical mechanics, walking you through the trade step-by-step, historical paper trading, real-time paper training and then how to deal with the emotions of live trading. This will be quite an education to help you actually acquire the ability to trade a system in a professional way, and potentially for a living.

Why would you get this course? Well this could be a very valuable addition to your trading arsenal. I believe you’ll enjoy the clarity and simplicity of the system.  It’s only gonna take 10 minutes or less per night to trade so you’ll have a lot of flexibility.

The question is that:  will it work for you? What if the EbanFLOW4 Options Swing Trading System can become the way you now make your living in a few minutes a night also while building net worth and potentially compounding into a fortune overtime?

Yes you have to think of building net worth in addition to cash flow.

As you build your base with the system or any of our systems that have the ability or should I see the potential to admit a profit out over a long period of time then your capital base will gradually build up. And with our money management system your trading sizes will grow over time. And as your trading sizes gross so do your potential returns as long as you trade the system in a steady way and as long as the system continues to perform. And since we don’t make our system based on gimmicks or “what’s happening now” then the chances of our system lasting for a long time are pretty darn good.

To obtain a copy of this course simply click on the add to cart button below. If you have any questions contact us and we would be happy to explain this system or other systems of ours to you. Make sure you read the terms.  And please be ready to attack course and start practicing the system right away so you cannot let it slip away from you. Two powerful’s of a trading system to let disappear or slip through your fingers.

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One Pay:  $2997



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