Options Trading Signals Service


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Join the Options Signals ELITE Association:  Virtuoso Trader Signal Service

What’s in it for You?

  • You get trading ideas from a variety of our top, powerful trading systems, trading strategies and a secret stash of trading strategies not being sold on this site
  • This means you’re going to get some very powerful high probability, high percentage winning trade setups.  Each trading idea is like us handing you a gold nugget on average potentially worth a lot of money if you cash it in.
  • We’ll also tell your our objective is for each trade, what we are looking to accomplish with the type time horizon.
  • Some trades, particularly range trades will come with price targets


 But Wait! You Get More:

  • Man… you’re in for a whole lot of fun.  Get excited.
  • Plus you’ll learn a lot in the process.
  • And you’ll get better trading habits by following out trading style and trading tips as we often express.  In fact our educational trading tips will be the last pieces to the puzzle for some of you about to break into a 7, 8, 9… figure a year trading career.
  • You’ll always know the exit strategy before you enter by target or trail method.  This also means less anxiety hoping to see an email telling you when to get out.  You have more control
  • Options Signals come with different options strategies such as ‘no lose’ style strangles plus strangle variants, Credit and debit spreads (OTM, ATM or ITM even), super spreads and other variants as so inspired although our main strategy is to buy calls and puts (for the sake of selling them for a profit)
  • Time frame of trading ideas:  swing trading ideas, Quick price pops, Power trends (2 weeks to a month), medium-term trends and other moves that fit well with different option strategies

 Oh Yes!  And You Get Even More!

  • Home run chart pattern explosions with our highly accurate strategy
  • Power Trend setups, those explosive three week one month moves that charge relentlessly ahead in one direction
  • Monthly trend cycle setups
  • Swing exhaustion reversal setups
  • You’re going to have so much opportunity that you’ll become giddy with excitement!    And don’t forget, having ample, good trading setups is the key to staying focused, staying out of mediocre trades because you’re bored or wanting to force the market for ‘action now’ while keeping you in a good, positive mindset for continued positive expectation.  Because remember, you tend to ‘attract’ what you’re thinking about in the markets.  So if you’re focused on the best types of moves then you tend get in a groove to only going for the best types of moves!


Receive Options Signals Trading Ideas Taken from the Following Systems and Strageies Below:

killer options trading system DEVISTATOR – Mega Options Trend Reversal Trading System with extremely high accuracy, test results past 90% winning in addition to an ability to accumulate a large amount of points.

Who is this options signals service for?

  • For those who want some powerful trading ideas based on really, really good systems that have proven themselves over almost 2 decades.
  • For those looking for trading ideas.  This service is a trading idea service.  You do what you want with the ideas.  This service is not necessarily intended for you to follow every trade like a robot.   We will have other “cash flow” services that will fit that ‘follow like a robot’ model, although following a system only can get a bit boring… So that’s why we have this service.
  • For those who want to learn by seeing in real time how great trades are made and managed
  • For those who want to learn by “rote” and follow every trade on a virtual trader to learn
  • For those of you who want to see what kind of new creative idea or breakthrough we produce next
  • For those who want to grow with us and see how we evolve
  • For those who want to see what dominating trading looks like

Charter member prices:  Flat $197/mo  if you think that’s a lot and consider the cost getting in too late for out too late, Consider the potential massive moneymaking possibilities because later you e-mail us calling us that we are too cheap. Why are we running this signal service this way?

  1. Over time we noticed that most Signal subscribers appreciate Great trading ideas to help them, Inspire them to take the best trades while avoiding mediocre trades
  2. Having lots of trading ideas that are really good help you from getting swayed by the siren song of the market into bad trading ideas out of boredom or wanting to force the market with an inappropriate strategy
  3. You’ll learn how to trade better as you discover secrets of strategy and entry
  4. It’s fun!
  5. It’s creative

To get started sign up below.  It’s only $197/mo which is a great starter price to value.  Plus I’m thinking some of you will able to produce quite an ROI on that membership fee some 10, some 50 some 100 fold… addtocart-style2-nopp

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