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For short, medium and long term success in trading you’ll need to have a well thought out trading plan.  Trading is like war.  Does any army win without a battle plan?  Can you ‘wing it’ in battle?  Sure.  But you’re likely not going to survive long enough to even know your results.  Trading is VERY similar.  You are a war with other traders.  You are trying to take their money and they are trying to take yours.   Unless you have a battle plan, you’re probably not going to do very well.

So get a battle plan!  Get an options trading plan that is pre figured out based off of combinations of patterns that keep happening over and over and over and over….  These patterns keep happening.  The longer you doubt them, the more potential profit and net worth you send down the drain.

Then… let us save you wasted months, years, decades… and yes this time will certainly slip by with potential millions (or hundreds of millions for some of you) of dollars slip through your fingers simply because you refused to accept a professional way to trade.  That may sound harsh but from our collective experience we’ve let SO much potential money slip through our hands from doubting, hesitating, waiting, being lazy or simply being unfocused that it’s downright maddening.  We want you to learn from our old mistakes.  So save years of trial and error that we experienced, learn from us – it’s a smart thing to do…


roducts too.  Scroll below and click on the logos to access those binary options products.

Product Description Price
killer options trading system DEVISTATOR – Mega Options Trend Reversal Trading System with extremely high accuracy, test results past 90% winning in addition to an ability to accumulate a large amount of points.
option trading system

WIP8 – Index Options Rapid Response Swing Trading System

home run options T15 – Options Home Run Strategy
Big Move Options Trading System TNT-III  This is a system that has evolved over 13 years and is in it’s eighth version. This means we have found new and profitable discoveries and price action over that time that has traded this very powerful system. Stranglehold price action in his stocking ride that with options…
swing trading with options EBANFLOW4  It’s nice to have options trading system that can bring you clarity and simplicity so that you know what to do at all times.  Have a way of trading that make you feel like you’re on the right side of markets.
swing trade options POLARIS11  – Hybrid Swing-Trend options trading system.  Very powerful, consistent performer for many years.
options swing trading MERCURY1.7  High momentum options swing trading system.  System keeps on chugging and has stood the test of time…
swing trade options APOLLO3.14  Hefty profit point collection possibility system providing potential steady streams of winning trades with dual mechanism price action system.
options swing trading system TITAN Z3  TITANZ3 Power Swing Trading System Offers you a ridiculously powerful way to trade the markets on a consistent basis – the system we probably shouldn’t even be selling…
day trade options GPS7  Rule the Gap!  Employ a long time solid options trading strategy combined with some special tweaks that produce a tremendously solid system that can be employed in a powerful way across a variety of stock options.
STINGER Swing Pop Weekly Options System STINGER  -Quick Pop Swing Trading System Presents an Options Trading System that Gives You Trade Setups for Quick One to Three Day Price Grabs
Weekly Options System BARNUN BARNUN  Imagine having a super clear and simple way to potentially net out options points with those awesome high Delta low cost weekly options on with a near set and forget style of trading…
Day Trade Weekly Options System Nuker NUKER  NUKER gives you a powerful trading system that is pattern based for you to trade in a near effortless way every day.
Weekly Options System DAGGER6 DAGGER6  Micro Swing Trading System for fast action cash with weekly options
Weekly Options Swing Trading System DeltaSNIPE DELTASNIPE  Micro Swing Trading System for Weekly Options
 optionsstarterkit-options101 Options 101 – Our style.  Learn options.  Get on the right track for winning in options while avoiding pitfalls.


Options Trading Courses:

  • Options 101 – Our style.  Learn options.  Get on the right track for winning in options while avoiding pitfalls.


Available Options Trading Systems:

Options Swing Trading Systems

Options Trend Trading Systems

Options Trading Strategies

  • T15 – Options Home Run Strategy

Options Day Trading Systems

Options Micro Swing Systems

  • DAGGER6 Micro Swing Trading System
  • DELTASNIPE Micro Swing Trading System for Weekly Options

Index Options Systems

  •  WIP8 – Index Options Rapid Response Swing Trading System




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