Super Strategy Trader – Options Strategies Trading

Super strategy is a powerful new approach to Market mastery. Some of the most powerful Traders on the planet better than Market Wizards even have emerged through this approach.

That said the overall concept is not necessarily new but the way one goes about mastering moves as if they were a martial arts or Ninja Master in the markets is arguably new.

When one is playing sport such as basketball if one wants to be a great player they will master moves and shots to a point where they no longer have to consciously think about them, but perform them accurately in real time as the environment changes and as the opportunity arises. Those who have to think consciously in real-time haven’t reached the point of mastery. I’m not. Not so brilliant coaches can also interrupt the process with their bad coaching and they’re bad ideas to control and limit the player’s ability to express themselves in real time.

Back in the days where people had to fight with hand to hand combat mastering fighting skills was critical. In real-time all sorts of different things can be thrown at you and you need to react with speed and without hesitation accurately to counter a move and to also turn and opponents action into your advantage.

Well the markets, especially in more active training like day trading will throw moves at you that are not easily anticipated but you must have a plan that has automatically been ingrained into you on how to react properly for making profit and not losing money. This takes a Mastery of many “moves”. These moves are called trading strategies. Strategies involved reading price action on price chart while having rules for entry, stop loss and profit taking exit. When one has enough of these strategies Master than one can go to battle in the marketplace and even dominate in their trading profiting on just about every move the market makes.

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