Virtuoso Options Signals Creative Trade Examples


Virtuoso Options Signals Creative Trade Examples

Here is a recent example of a couple different creative ways we played NFLX recently to take advantage of an potentially explosive setup.  Actually this trade had a couple factors that could have sent NFLX either way hard.    So we “strangled” the price point, explosion point two different ways.

There was another put side trade that did get triggered but was stopped out so it is out of the screen shot picture.

This was a well timed and purposely timed trade with short term options.  We don’t go putting on weekly options trades such as this without a specific “now” type of purpose.


virtuoso-options-signals-service-2We Are Loading Up Virtuoso Signals with Many New Amazing Signal Types Plus You Get to Participate on Beta Runs on Newer Systems – You don’t want to miss out!

So sign up!  More details to come but we’ve recently included a “Cash Now” style signal from some new strategies we’ve concocted. STACKS and some home run trends.

As this service evolves and blossoms I KNOW we’re going to help some MORE of you break 7 figures.   So – get moving!  Sign up below 🙂






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